Sunday, May 10, 2009

Feedsack Quilt

I started this quilt about 10 years ago, when I was very new to quilting.

I got it about halfway finished and stopped in frustration, packed it all in a box and hid it. For years it has been bothering me, and finally I did something about it. Or At least I started doing something about it..


And the back..This is when I learned all about how important seam allowance is:

This past week, I took a Seam Ripper to it and pulled every bit of it apart, and threw out the horrid white material I had used:

After several hours of picking seams and ironing, I now have a motley assortment of triangles. 10 years of this quilt mocking me, and I had the last laugh! Now to figure out what to actually do with them..

Here's how the remake of this quilt is going

Update again!
The finished top


  1. Oh, dear...looks like you have a great stack there to do something fun with. The only bad thing about taking it apart is that it does give a good history of how far you have come.

  2. I took a lot of good pictures, lol.. I do have a few scraps still intact..It might be fun to affix a few on the back of the quilt..and I am excited that I am finally making this into something useful.