Sunday, September 05, 2010

Kaleidoscope Quilt

Or Stack n Whack, One Block Wonder. I've seen a few names for this sort of quilt. You start with a loud patterned fabric  with repeats every 23 inches or so.
You make cuts of the fabric, stack up the sections, and cut out 8  identical triangles.


Then you sew  the triangles together and watch all the different patterns pop out like magic:


I tried making some 4 triangle squares, just to see what it would look like:


and here's all the blocks I made from that one piece of fabric:


Yo-Yo maker

being the complete sucker for gadgets that I am, I could not resist picking up a few of these little darlings...Yo yo makers..Not just round ones, like my great grandmothers made, but cute little heart and flower ones, and in two sizes:

yoyo maker

Is that adorable or what? I rooted out a pile of tiny scraps from my fabric stash and took it all with me on a car trip.


I started putting them together And I think it might be a cute little wallhanging
or maybe a little dolly quilt:

My favorite piece of fabric:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Attic Window I Spy Quilt

Ah Spring! Lots of Babies coming - to friends, not to me :) and incoming babies mean lots of quilts to make! Here's 2 I have in progress..

I started with some bright colorful fat quarters of novelty fabric, cut them into squares:

then added the sashing:

I used a slick new trick for making half square triangles.. I'll show that in a separate post. The half square triangle is what make the optical illusion work on the Attic window quilt. here's Quilt 1 all pieced together:


And Quilt 2 almost all pieced together..
Optical illusion 12

Now to add borders, Backing and quilt them!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Fleece coat ...for my dog

This wasn't too hard at all.  Of course, I had to add some dreads to it, so he wouldn't feel left out. The weird thing is I think Schnicklefritz really likes his coat. I put it on him a few times to adjust the fit, and when I had it finished, he happily stuck his nose in it and pranced around.


It is a rare sight to see snow here in Arkansas ...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rasta Fleece Hat

And one more hat.. A rasta dread hat.  My husband wanted it.. i'm not sure why, but he's cute, so I made him one.


I have  some fleece scraps left over, and I hate to throw them out, but it isn't enough to do much with. so I think the dog is getting a fleece coat. Maybe the cats will too. 

Friday, January 08, 2010

cozy Fleece hats

Thanks to the cold weather, I have had time to work on several projects - and actually get them done!
Mollie's Kitty hat:
Fleece hat blog

And Jake's...Dreadlock hat. He wanted it to look like this, I promise.
fleece hat blog

Knitted socks

I finished the socks I made for my Aunt, and mailed them off yesterday. They were supposed to be for Christmas and as much as I procrastinate, since I am only a few weeks late, I am doing pretty good!

I use the two socks on two circs method. I can't handle double pointed needles, If I did one at a time I would never do the second one. And I don't have to count for the second sock, I can just do the same thing on each row, and end up with socks the same size.

Socks on Blog

I used a worsted weight wool, and size 6 needles, so they are pretty thick and cozy.

And here they are all finished!! I get a kick out of seeing them grow.
Socks on blog