Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Raffle for Wii

A good friend of mine is raising funds for March of Dimes. Her beautiful baby girl was born 13 weeks early. Here's sweet Molly at 10 weeks

To learn how to support March of Dimes and Join in on a raffle to win an Awesome Wii Bundle, just go here:
Molly's Mission Raffle for Wii

Crocheted Miniature Tea Set

A while ago, A friend of mine showed me a picture of an adorable crocheted teaset she saw on Etsy. You can see it here, just click on this link:
GingersnapBoutique on Etsy

I immediately bought the pattern and made several for gifts and even sold a few. The pattern is very clear, well written, and thorough. My little girl was delighted with them and asked me to make her a tiny one..

Cupcake on the left is made from Simply Soft yarn and size E crochet hook, Cupcake on right is made with crochet cotton thread and size 12 crochet hook:


The doily is 6 inches across:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moda Jelly Rolls

Oh My, are these ever delightful!
I purchased 4 jelly rolls of Moda's 5 Funky Monkeys Line, and made 3 quilts with the strip Quilting Method. These make up very quickly, since the fabric is already cut in strips:

Queen sized one for my Daughter:
Monkey 088


One Baby Quilt That my son helped sew for a friend of ours:

And yet another Baby quilt for a friend:

All Patterns are from the book Strip Happy...Quilting on a Roll.

Working with Solvy

Using Solvy for Applique can eliminate a lot of headaches: You can avoid hand turning under edges, do machine applique with neater results, and it works out pretty quickly, allowing you the time to do more elaborate Applique pieces.

Here's how I used it a on Halloween kitty Quilt. Solvy is a marvelous product that looks like clear plastic, usually comes in a roll - and best of all, Solvy dissolves in water, so it will wash away when you wash your quilt.

1. I used or a window to trace my pattern onto freezer paper. ( who needs a light box?) Cut one pattern apart and used the second for reference. If you have a lot of pieces you may want to number them .



2. Traced each pattern piece onto the wrong side of the fabric, and sewed the Solvy onto the back of the fabric, using a 1'4 inch seam allowance.


3. Cut a slit in the Solvy and turned pattern pieces right side out..


4. Arranged pieces on background, and pinned into place. I used a close zigzag (satin stitch) to sew around edges.


Learn more about Solvy here: http://www.sulky.com/stabilizers/solvy.php

Pattern used was from The Book Kitty Capers by Carol Armstrong