Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quilt repair 2

Another area of the quilt:
Binding Before

Still working on the edges, I cut off just a inch off this edge to allow for rebinding

After Binding 1

more of the rebound edges

Quilt repair 1

Repairing an old quilt is a painstaking progress..
A friend of mine asked me to do a few fix ups on her grandmother's quilt.

Here's one part of the damage:
Patch 1

And the fix:
The fabric had just disintegrated here, so I had to patch over it. Since the batting here was gone, I used a little batting from a part of the edge I cut off and padded it before adding the patch. I used a piece of feedsack material salvaged from another old quilt to handsew a patch.

Next problem:


I removed the fabric at the tear on that edge, about 3 inches, to allow enough room to cut off the damged portion of binding and rebind the edge. The back of the quilt was a lovely blue polka dot fabric and the quilter had folded over the edge of the backing to bind it..I wanted to keep it true tp the original , so I did it the same way.

The Roc-Lon people

A few days ago, I entered a blog contest on Kelly's blog, I have a Notion.

The Roc-Lon company ( Rockland Industries) sponsored the contest and even had a very nice prize package for the winner! I was familiar with Roc-Lon from using their Total Light Control Blackout drapery lining for curtains - and was very pleased with how much the curtains insulated the windows.

The contest was fun, each person was sent a 8 1/2" by 11" piece of Roc-Lon Multipurpose cloth to use in a project.
here was my little project - I made a small puppet theater for the kids to play with:

I didn't win, but I did have fun making a tiny little puppet theater that my kids have really enjoyed playing with, and I loved seeing what everyone else came up with.

This morning I got a very nice e-mail from an Administrative assistant at Rockland Industries thanking me for entering the contest. What a lovely personal touch!