Friday, July 05, 2013

Santa Quilt

My mom saw this pattern in a quilt shop, and admired it, so of course, I wanted to make one for her for Christmas.. It's called "Nine Nicks" by Qwiltz Patterns.

I started cutting out the pieces and realized I wanted to make two - one for me to keep! The curves were a little tricky, but after watching  a few times, I got the hang of it. That was a really helpful youtube BTW.

lasob small

 I wanted to make the Santas of different colors, since we have varying colors of Santas in our family..

I used the traditional reds and greens for my Mom's quilt, and choose some snazzy, glittery blues for mine.



Here's mom's quilt all finished ( and I did get it done in time for her to hang before her Christmas Party!)


Mine is still waiting to be completely put together.. I don't think of it as late, just extra early for next Christmas.

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