Monday, April 13, 2009

Mending Day and Guilt

It is so very satisfying to work through the pile in the mending basket. Especially when the things in the mending basket have been taunting me with cries of "But I've been in here a year" and "Hem me before the kid outgrows me already!"

I was feeling a little rotten for putting off so many little easy things that had grown into a huge pile. It would take forever to do it all..but it didn't.

So I took an afternoon and worked on the mending pile.. It felt so thrifty to hem the ragged edged pants into shorts..and to shorten the sleeves on a few shirts so my daughter could wear them from another season.I saved a lot of money on clothes! I got on a roll and sewed on 3 missing buttons, fixed a ripped strap on a dress, and several of the 5-minute fixes that I just put off doing for no real reason.

I worked through my guilt and procrastination piece by piece, my guilt started to melt away I started to feel pretty good about my accomplishments. I couldn't help but think of the other mending basket I have. The one nobody can see.

The phone calls I put off..the letter I should write, the friend I should make. The things I keep meaning to attend to, just put off- for no good reason. All these things I know I should do, and the longer I put them off the worse I feel.

So tomorrow, I think I'll have another mending day.
Join me.

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