Saturday, September 30, 2006

Growing Season

I got the idea from watching "Simply Quilts". Alex Anderson gets a little snippy with her guests, but she has a lot of good ideas.

this is called a Kameleon quilt. Really cool. here is the website Eldrid is from Norway , and I ordered the pattern directly from her website. The concept is adding triangles that flip back and forth, so a quilt can change it's look whenever you desire. Absolutely beautiful!

For my first attempt,"Growing Season" I kept mine pretty simple, and used solid squares on one side, and prints of chickens and vegetables on the other. So at first, you see reds, yellows and orangy reds, that when flipped, bloom into a garden. I liked this so much I want to do a few more.

All I need to do to this one is sew on some more buttons, and it's done and ready to hang.

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