Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crocheted Miniature Tea Set

A while ago, A friend of mine showed me a picture of an adorable crocheted teaset she saw on Etsy. You can see it here, just click on this link:
GingersnapBoutique on Etsy

I immediately bought the pattern and made several for gifts and even sold a few. The pattern is very clear, well written, and thorough. My little girl was delighted with them and asked me to make her a tiny one..

Cupcake on the left is made from Simply Soft yarn and size E crochet hook, Cupcake on right is made with crochet cotton thread and size 12 crochet hook:


The doily is 6 inches across:


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my pattern! I'm happy to know it was easy and clear. These turned out adorable!

    I'm giving away a set on my blog right now...we must have been crocheting tea sets at the same time! ;-)


  2. Those are soooo incredibly cute!! I love the color of the teapot

  3. Thanks so much for visising my blog and for your nice comment. I use the acrylic needle punch thread.
    I have a pattern for the cupcakes. Need to give it a try.